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Your mobile A.I. haircare companion

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Why The People Choose Us

Our advanced 360 all-around analysis evaluates your hair and scalp, providing an overall risk of hair loss index and pinpointing the underlying factors responsible for your hair concerns.

Our innovative macro diagnosis utilizes just three images captured by mobile devices to provide comprehensive insights into your hair health.

Our cost-effective solution employs a fixed lens camera to capture detailed images of your hair and scalp, enabling comprehensive diagnosis of over 10 common symptoms as well as several rare hair and scalp conditions.

Our advanced diagnosis combines medical expertise with AI technology to assess hair issues, determine root causes, and provide doctors with precise measurements of hair count, thickness, distribution, and follicle quantity. Enhance your analysis and treatment planning for optimal patient care.

Our diagnosis ensures data security and privacy compliance, offering ample training and validation data tailored to the complexity of patterns. Rest assured that we adhere strictly to data privacy regulations, respecting your confidentiality at all times.

Patented algorithms to boost your business.


Revolutionize your business from the “head” up, starting now with our cutting-edge AI tools!

Your Mobile A.I. HairCare Companion

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