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Meet Our Energetic Team Members



Founder & CEO​

“I saw the potential of AI to help address the confidence and psychological issues caused by untreated hair loss. I am confident that, with my team, we can make a real difference in the lives of people around the world.”


Head of Engineering (Project Management)

“Collaborate with our brilliant product development & design team, we’re creating game-changing AI hair and scalp analysis solutions. Together, we’re revolutionizing the hair care industry, making the world a better place, one fabulous head of hair at a time!”


Head of Engineering (AI)

“We’re excited about using technology to make our lives better. It’s amazing how we keep advancing AI to level up everyone’s quality of life! We’re all about making the everyday just a little bit more awesome with the power of tech.”


Backend Developer

‘We’re on a mission to blend technology and daily life in creative ways. The ever-evolving world of AI never ceases to amaze us, as it paves the way for enhancing life’s experiences. We’re dedicated to adding a touch of innovation to the everyday, making life a thrilling adventure.”


Growth Marketing Manager

“We are not just building an APP, we are building a community of passionate customers who feel valued, respected, and appreciated.”


Software Engineer

“I’m breathing life into our AI hair and scalp analysis tools. With a knack for creating seamless user experiences, I’m dedicated to making our innovative technology accessible and enjoyable for everyone, one stunning interface at a time”


Management Trainee

“It’s cool to use tech to transform the way we live. I believe that we can generate more possibilities with the magic of AI and other digital tools.”


UI/UX Designer

“I’m passionate about crafting intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for our product. It’s a great pleasure to  make our cutting-edge technology user-friendly and delightful, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience for all!”

Your Mobile A.I. HairCare Companion

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