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AI 頭髮頭皮檢測

“Prevention is better than cure”. Many people have very little awareness of hair and scalp health, and only seek help when hair loss occurs, missing out on a golden opportunity for treatment. Therefore, it’s crucial to regularly have your hair & scalp checked.”

With HairCoSys’s mobile app, you can proactively monitor your hair health, receive personalized AI-based advice, and easily access suitable hair care products, preventing hair issues before they start and take control of your hair & scalp health.


HairCoSys app可以識別脫髮徵象,例如髮線後移、M字額以及頭頂的頭髮密度等,以及各種頭皮症狀如頭油、頭瘡、頭皮屑等常見毛病。

是的,HairCosys app會根據您的檢測結果提供個人化的頭髮護理建議,推薦最適合的洗護髮產品與服務,帶給您最佳的護理體驗!

目前HairCoSys app可以在TestFlight中免費試用。如果您想要搶先體驗AI頭髮檢測功能,並提供您寶貴的反饋意見,請聯係我們

HairCoSys及相聯公司尊重法例賦予閣下的私隱權利,並遵守香港的個人資料(私隱)條例,第486章 的規定。 如閣下不想收取本公司推銷及市場推廣訊息可電郵(電郵地址:mail@haircosys.com)通知我們選擇退出。在收到閣下的申請後,我們會在10個工作天內發出確認郵件到閣下的指定電郵地址,如閣下沒有收到我們的確認電郵,請立刻通知我們。此退出選擇將不會收取任何費用。

Haircare & Beauty

Our A.I. solution empowers stylists with the ability to offer personalized haircare services to all customers. It recommends hairstyles best suited to a client’s hair type and maintains records of their past hair health conditions and styles. This enables you to deliver customized, data-driven advice, and discover potential value-added services, thereby increasing client satisfaction and loyalty.

No need. We will provide you with tabs and lens that will be used for image taking, and that’s all you need to have.



HairCoSys app會根據檢測結果,提供個人化的頭髮護理和美容產品推薦。通過我們的app,您的產品將會被推送給大量潛在客戶,這不僅能大幅提升品牌知名度,也為業務增長開啟了無窮的潛力。


Toggle ConteHairCoSys and the Affiliated Companies respect your legal rights of privacy and comply with the requirements of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Cap. 486).If you do not wish to receive any sales and marketing information from us, please notify us by email (email address: mail@haircosys.com ) ) about your withdrawal. Opt-out procedures will be completed within 10 working days upon receipt of your request. In case if you could not receive our confirmation letter, please notify us immediately. No fee will be charged for the cancellation arrangement.

HairCoSys’s AI hair check utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms to provide objective, precise assessments of hair & scalp health. It’s more cost-effective and convenient, allowing customers to conduct hair check anytime, anywhere, serving as an excellent aid to human experts, offering data-driven insights that enhance the accuracy and consistency of hair & scalp health evaluations.


HairCoSys研「髮」新概念 推動預防脫髮 運用AI首創全方位「髮檢App」