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HairCoSys: Your Mobile A.I. HairCare Companion

HairCoSys believes that the commercialization of A.I. technology will free up humans to do what we do best and enhance our lifestyle.  

Our first mission is to solve hair loss problems through A.I.-haircare expert collaboration. Believing “prevention is better than cure,” HairCoSys empowers everyone in different life stages with healthy hair by democratizing hair and scalp check-ups through powerful data analytics, easy-to-use mobile apps, and public education on the concept of hair loss prevention. 

All-in-one Hair Care & Hairstyling Platform

With the A.I. technology provided by HairCoSys, the hair care and hairstyling industry are propelled into the digital age, providing more value-added services to clients:   

  • Professional and Scientific Hair Care Advice  
  • Personalized Product/Services Recommendations  
  • Up-selling Opportunities    
  • Client Database and Relationship Management 

Yes, you can check your hair condition on your own – all you need is a smartphone. Simply upload a photo and the HairCoSys APP will tell you: 

  • Health condition of your hair and scalp, including any signs of hair loss 
  • Your most suitable hairstyle and colour, so you can make the right stying decision with no regrets 
  • The right hair products/solutions for your hair, at the best price 

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