haircosys - your mobile A.I. haircare companion

Your mobile A.I. haircare companion

Discover our award-winning hair assessment and salon booking app, merging AI and image processing. Book salons and manage clinic resources effortlessly, receiving personalized haircare insights.

Hair Check
Anytime & Anywhere

Hair Industry Ecosystem

AI Haircare Synergy

Hair health assessments

Users can effortlessly assess hair health, receive instant health reports, personalized product recommendations, and seamlessly book salons or purchase products all within the app.

Salon booking & CRM system

Streamline salon bookings, payments, client management, and sales history review with our user-friendly online platforms powered by A.I. hair check technology. Automate your salon operations effortlessly.

Hair product e-shop

Users can purchase hair products, book salon services, and even discover new products through our app. Suppliers can easily showcase and launch their products here, creating a dynamic marketplace.

Clinic usage

Effortlessly digitize patient records, eliminate paper clutter, maintain detailed hair and scalp records, and deliver expert quantitative scalp reports for optimal patient care.

We Provide Innovative A.I. Solutions
For Your Hair Business

Our mobile and PC applications deliver unparalleled success to your business

Salon & Stylists

Driving customer traffic
CRM and online booking

Haircare Treatment Centers

Targeting consumers
Improving management


Measurable metrics​ of scalp condition
Portable imaging toolkit

Hair Products

API integration into E-shop
Up-selling Opportunities


Focus Group
Provide feedback from users

Latest News

HairCoSys研「髮」新概念 推動預防脫髮 運用AI首創全方位「髮檢App」

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