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About HairCoSys

Elevating hair health through advanced AI technology.

We Are Shaping An Innovative Hair Industry Ecosystem​

With the vision encapsulated in "We Are Shaping An Innovative Hair Industry Ecosystem," HairCoSys is at the forefront of revolutionizing the whole hair care industry.

We are developing state-of-the-art AI solutions designed to accurately assess hair and scalp health, and we closely connect stakeholders such as salons, stylists, hair care centers, medical professionals and retaliers by providing them with specific services that boost their business. By doing so, we are creating a comprehensive, interconnected ecosystem that enhances the efficiency and quality of hair & scalp care, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction and a more sustainable hair industry ecosystem.

“Our first mission is to solve hair loss problems through A.I.-haircare expert collaboration and create an innovative hair industry ecosystem.”

Michael Wong​

Founder & CEO

This Is The Reason Why You Should Use Haircosys A.I.

Empower personalised hair care​

Transforming hair care with AI-driven solutions, offering personalized advice for hair loss and promoting well-being.healthier hair and overall well-being.

Foster innovative ecosystem

Creating a thriving hair care ecosystem for seamless collaboration among stakeholders, driving industry growth.

Promote sustainability and inclusivity

Democratising expert advice and solutions for hair loss, ensuring accessibility and sustainability for all.

Meet Our Amazing Team

Michael Wong

Founder and CEO


Growth Marketing Manager


Head of Engineering (Project Management)


Head of Engineering (AI)


Backend Developer


UI/UX Designer


Management Trainee


Software Engineer

Meet Our Advisors



  • 30+ years in Innovation & Technology Industry (IBM, Oracle, HSBC and etc. )  
  • Former Chief Public Mission Officer, Cyberport  
  • Associate Professor, CUHK

Michael WONG

Founder & CEO

  • General Manager, HairAgain  
  • 10+ years of experience in applied Algo trading  
  • Passionate about entrepreneurship and A.I.

Ivan NG

Chief Data Scientist

  • 20+ years in data science  
  • Serial entrepreneur founded a few big data start-ups  
  • Graduates from HKSTP Incubation and LEAP programmes

Anderson WONG

Principal Advisor

  • 25+ years in the hair care industry  
  • Founder & Chairman  of HairAgain 
  • A well-established industrialist and entrepreneur

Gareth TAM

Technical Lead

  • 10+ years of solid experience across solution design, system architecture development with mobile and microservices technologies  
  • Hands-on skills in project management

Vincent TSUI

Marketing Lead

  • Marketing and branding expert with 20+ years of experience  
  • Experienced in Haircare product marketing  
  • Founder, TKS Partner

Dr. Zhengtang Luo

Technical Advisor

  • Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, HKUST 
  • PhD in Polymer Science, University of Connecticut   
  • A prolific scholar in the research area of advanced materials, energy and environment

Dr. Mark LEE

Technical Advisor

  • PhD, RD, MET, CBT, Genetics, Immunology(Harvard Medical School)  
  • 20+ years in Behavioral Science and specialising in genetics and immunolog  
  • Research focus: the relationship between skin and genetics

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