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combAI + APP

- AIoT smart comb and camera tool kit provides red-light therapy to clean and massage the scalp while analyzing and tracking hair and scalp health.​
- Users can see the analysis reports and track their improvement progress through a mobile app. ​
- The App serves as a platform of personalized hair care that provides treatment advices, hair products recommendations and service booking.

HairVision 360 ​

- All-in-one tool kit with AI-powered hair & scalp analyzer for salon and hair care business. ​
- Integrated with the salon's CRM, it delivers personalized recommendations while tracking client progress. ​
- HairVision 360 enhances your business with robust online booking and marketing tools. ​
- Say goodbye to manual tasks and attract new clients!

Hair Analytica+ ​

- AI hair analyzer that objectively measures hair & scalp health before & after product usage.​
- Compares customer data to gain market insights. Empirical data to back product efficacy claims & trust for brands and producers.

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